Sillenites Ltd was founded in 2006 as small group of researchers and opticians from Ioffe Institution for the purpose of the conclusion of the state contract on project performance. The project “Large-aperture & high-resolution optically addressed spatial light modulator”  has been supported in competition  by Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE) within two years since  2006 till 2008 years. Within these two years the first stage of the project has been executed, the prototype of project spatial light modulator had been developed, three Patent Applications had been received for different optical structures of spatial light modulators: RU 57025 “Large-aperture high-resolution optically addressed spatial light modulator with assembled crystal photoconductor”, RU 81814 “Combined optically addressed spatial light modulator” and RU 72083. In succeeding years our company had been working out various constructions of spatial light modulators, optical sensors (RU 83340) and crystal components for their assembling. Sillenites Ltd is privately owned company. Our company specializes in the design of devices and optical components essentially on sillenite type crystals.